Copy of Sustainability

 Your Closet is Killing You
Did you know that 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the fashion industry? This is a staggering statistic, and those of us at Modorante have decided to make it an important part of our mission to bring sustainable fashion to the markets. By buying our vintage products, you are not only buying unique and in some cases historically relevant articles of clothing, but also taking part in cyclical fashion which is one of the most sustainable methods of buying new clothes while also considering the environment. Do not let what is in your closet contribute to the strain put on our planet by climate change and toxic waste generated by the fashion industry.
Fast Fashion Fools 
"Fast Fashion" is an industry term for cheap materials being used to make vast amounts of clothing to be sold by major brands at lower cost to the consumer. However, many of these clothes end up in landfills and incinerators, contributing to the rise in greenhouse gases and waste that fills the ocean, waterways, and more. Don't buy a cheaply produced shirt that contributes to the waste, and instead buy something made to last, and timeless in its style. 
Think Before You Consume
The Fast Fashion industry pushes trends onto consumers such as us as a way to ensure sales, without any care for what happens to the massive amounts of waste produced when said trend dies. "Think Before You Consume" is a call to reject this careless consumer culture and instead institute a new way of consuming with thought. We all need clothing, but instead of cheaply made materials founded upon manufactured trends, we can put our money towards well-made clothing that lasts a lifetime and never loses its luster. Rather than mass producing ad nauseam we can simply continue to wear what has already been made.